Refrigerant Gas

refrigerant gas detectorOur Monitors detect refrigerant leaks sooner and at lower levels than many other monitors on the market. An early warning system saves money, averting costly damage to chillers, and prevents potential EPA fines. Using sensitive infra-red technology with patented long lasting gas cells, the unique optical design allows compound-specific detection, practically eliminating false alarms. Rugged and compact, our monitors are factory calibrated and easy to install. These monitors will deliver years of trouble-free, reliable refrigerant monitoring.

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  • Infra-red technology
  • In-built sample pump with flow monitor
  • Up to 16 sample points from one analyser
  • Daily auto-zero facility
  • Customize to monitor any refrigerant including HCFC-123, HFC-134a, HCFC-22, CFC-11, CFC-12, carbon monoxide, or ammonia
  • Optional Windows®-based software monitors gas levels and controls instrument settings remotely
  • Factory calibrated unit requires no calibration on startup or for the first year of operation
  • Modular design allows servicing and calibrating without removing the system from the wall
  • Detects leaks as low as 1 ppm-without requiring humidity calibrations

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