Stack Emission Monitoring

stack emissionOur overall objective is to assist firms in complying with Safety, Health, and Environmental legislation, while maintaining or improving process efficiency. We recognise that our clients need us to find solutions, rather than just define problems and we are fortunate in being able to call upon the extensive experience of our engineers who have installed and maintain the Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems in many of the major pharmaceutical plants within Ireland.
WE measure HCL, CO, CO2, SOx, NOx, HF, NH3, HBR, TOC, DUST etc. in conjunction with reference components such as H2O, Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Oxygen to automatically normalise and classify data.
Typically we measure NOx, SOx and TOC on an annual basis, or as EPA license requirements dictate.

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VOC Emission Measurements

  • Assesses compliance with emission limits set by the appropriate regulatory body (i.e. EPA / Local Authority) in the company’s process permit.
  • Check effects of modifications to the process on the emission levels.
  • Evaluate the performance of abatement equipment.

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