Process Controls

Process ControlsWe provide a wide range of equipment to optimize processes. We represent only the finest manufacturers and provide the most efficient and highest quality application support available. We aren’t just about “the sale.” We focus on the long-term relationship and we strive to always provide superior and dependable service.
Whether you are a User, Designer, or Consultant we can answer your questions and assist with the design phase of your project. If you need assistance in developing strategies to improve current performance, please give us a call. We can also assist with replacement parts and maintenance of existing systems.
We supply a wide range of equipment to a variety of clientele within the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, power, oil and gas, textile, and environmental industries.
We will help you balance cost and performance to achieve a low-end, low-cost slave system or a higher-end, higher-performance system with the core optimized for speed and required peripherals and windows based operating system.

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Example of one of our recent custom design projects. This system allows remote control & viewing in real-time. It measures pH, flow, temperature and enables automated & manual dosing, outlet release and shut-off. All data is time stamped and exported automatically to excel . This is then automatically emailed to the EHS department for their records.

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